About the College Prep Golf Tour:

The College Prep Golf Tour is about creating affordable golf tournaments for Junior Golfers that will develop them into College and Lifetime tournament golfers. We will run Junior Golf tournaments in the Hampton Roads and Richmond areas in 2013.

We started our junior golf tournaments in 2003 with club teams. Then we progressed in 2008 by forming the Colonial Junior Golf Tour and we also helped to form the Virginia Junior Golf Alliance. These two organizations created tournaments that were affordable and designed in a way that college coaches would show interest in the results. In 2011 with your feedback and help we made more progress by better representing what our tour is about in the name and forming partnerships that will help to grow the number of opportunities for our Junior Golfers. First we have changed our name to the College Prep Golf Tour instead of the Colonial Junior Golf Tour. We have two divisions. One Division is the College Prep division and it is for High School players who want to prepare for college golf. The courses and the distances are what you would find if you played college golf and thus college coaches recruit our players. The other division is the High School Prep Division and it is for Middle School players and younger who want to develop into High School players.

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